Culina New Testament Celebration

Celebration of God’s Word in Culina in Peru
For many days before the dedication of the Culina New Testament, people planned and made preparations—cutting the airstrip, setting up the stage and shelter and decorating for the event. Food had been prepared for everyone and was served in various locations in the village.

Culina6 Culina7 Culina3

On July 22, 2015, in the village of San Bernardo on the Purús river, approximately 300 Culinas gathered to celebrate the arrival of the New Testament in their language The Culinas dressed in their best for the celebration and were very happy to receive the New Testament. It showed in their faces, their dress, and in their singing and traditional dancing.

Culina New Testament celebration Culina New Testament celebration

The celebration lasted from 10.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m. with Scripture reading, sharing, singing and dancing. José Vega, pastor of a local Christian radio station gave a message. Our Director, Jim Roberts and the director of the Bible League International in Peru, Alejandro Silva shared their excitement. Pedro Montes (the original mother tongue translator) and several others gave testimony to God’s faithfulness through the years.

Culina New Testament celebration Culina New Testament celebration

86 NTs were sold and 28 were given to the translation helpers, teachers and pastors from the various villages.

Culina New Testament celebration

Thank for your prayers for the dedication of the Culina New Testament. Praise the Lord for the good flying weather, safety in flights and river travel and for a joyous celebration. Please pray that God would bless His word and continue to work in the hearts of the Culina people.

Other Scripture resources in Culina can be found on


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